Hello Everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving and that you enjoyed your time with your family. In addition, we can not forget about the delicious and heavy food we all probably… Continue reading


Hiiiii Bulleters!! How is everyone doing? I hope all is well! Here on the East coast the weather it’s starting to get very cold and I must say that my gloves and scarfs… Continue reading

Bullet Soup!

Hello Bulleters! The semester here at Rutgers started to get a little crazy again and I must say that stress in taking over my life.  Having various classes can get very overwhelming at… Continue reading


Live Blogging Hello Everyone! Today’s post is going to be very different and unique! I am going to introduce to you guys about Live Blogging.  According to Wikipedia “live blog is a blog… Continue reading

Bullet Power Morning

Good Morning Bulleters! How are you guys doing today? I hope everyone is doing well and ready to learn a new recipe today. I don’t know about you guys, but breakfast is one of… Continue reading


Hello Bulleters! Here we are again at another week of recipes. How are you guys liking and enjoying the food recipes so far? Please don’t forget to provide feedback or comment if you… Continue reading

Power Pancakes

Hello Bulleters! I must say that we have come along way with our smoothies. We have tried various types of smoothies from fruits to even some vegetable smoothies.  For the next few weeks… Continue reading

Guest Bulleter

Hello Bulleters!  I am a guest blogger posting up a recipe for this week! My name is Yadybel and my blog is called Outrageously Insane.  Outrageously Insane is about weekly news and funny… Continue reading

Frozen Fruity

Hiiii Bulleters! So my mom is finally back from her vacation and she immediately went to go buy some fruits for me. She loves Costco and went ahead and bought a huge bag… Continue reading

Bullet-Cado Shake Improvement

Heyyyyyy yall’ Bulleters! I hope everyone is doing well and is enjoying their weekend! My exams are finally done and I am free now to have total focus on you guys and my… Continue reading

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